We provide our services in a range of options based on the needs and requirements of our clients, however small or large the job.

We are happy to work on a retainer basis or equally on an ad hoc basis, or an hour here and there as and when you need to call on us.


After the initial, hour free 'no obligation' consultation, we will have an understanding of exactly what your needs and requirements are from us and be able to effectively price the job . We recognise the needs of each client varies tremendously and this is why each job is specifically priced based on the amount of hours, days or weeks it will take us to undertake the job. 

To give you a guide our prices start from:

£50 an hour for adhoc assistance.

£350 daily rate for sales training, coaching and mentoring.

£200 daily rate for direct selling at trade exhibitions, shows.

We are based in Somerset but gladly take on the opportunity to work further afield, so please contact us for more information.