What we offer


RJ Sales Consultancy is able to offer several bespoke services drawing from 20 years of sales experience.

We challenge clients to think differently and change the way they approach sales, whether that is keeping it in-house, whereby we can provide training, coaching and sales solutions to make selling more intuitive or outsourcing the selling entirely to us. We tailor the sales solutions to meet your needs and requirement and as such offer a 'no obligation' one hour initial consultation to allow us to understand your business and identify what your requirements are. 

We pride ourselves on having the desire, passion and know-how your brand or service needs.

No job is too small or too large and we take on all aspects of work.


Personal Sales


business management coaching

We understand that selling doesn't come naturally to everyone but here at RJ sales consultancy we are passionate about coaching you to become a natural sales person with clear and practical, hands on direction.

We provide tailored training for teams and/or one to one business mentoring on all aspects of sales, including; how to pitch, close, sell, negotiate and understand your costs and pricing. 

We can also advise on business management techniques to help you become more cost effective and ensure you are aiming your product or service at the correct customer base.

DAY to Day Sales


Offering day to day sales support on those ad hoc jobs you are unsure how to do or just can't be bothered to do. The below gives you an idea of what we can do but if you have a particular requirement which isn't listed below please contact us and we can definitely help.

- Database/customer mangemement

- How to price your product

- Building a selling pitch

- Building a presentation

- Negotiating with your suppliers

- Liasing with your customers or suppliers on the phone or face to face.


your product

We will take your fabulous product or service and sell it on your behalf with the passion and finesse it deserves.

 - End to End project management

- Meet with your customer or we can accompany you to visit your customers. 

- Trade shows

- Exhibitions

- Act as a conduit between you and your customers/suppliers

- Business planning

- Providing sales people/feet on the ground

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